Sir Michael Gambon talks “Fortitude” and his roots in theater

Sir Michael Gambon will soon be seen in Fortitude, the upcoming 12-episode series about a peaceful, remote Arctic town suddenly rocked by murder. We recently shared a video interview about the drama. Now, in a new interview, Gambon speaks about his character, Henry, and also discusses how he got started in acting through theater.

Gambon plays Henry Tyson, a wildlife photographer who has only weeks left to live.

Henry’s a nice man, I think. Yes, he likes a drink, but he’s not shy about it, and he’s a well-known photographer whose work is sold all over the world. He’s lived in Fortitude longer than anyone else, and early on [in the drama], he’s involved in a very big moment while he’s out photographing nature.

Gambon goes on to discuss his lengthy acting career. He got started at the National Theatre in London, where he worked for four years. He spent the first year simply standing at the back of the stage, holding a spear. While it wasn’t very glamorous at first, he got to work with many actors who went on to have successful careers and was able to learn from them.

He also figured out some clever ways to score parts:

The BBC used to broadcast plays every Sunday night, so I would always hang around Wood Lane to get parts. The casting directors and producers were on the third floor, and I used to go up there with my mate and shove pictures with my name on under the office doors, and that’s how I got a great many parts.

However, Gambon admits that nowadays he prefers going to the movies or watching television over going to the theater.

I’ll tell you a secret: I don’t think actors go to the theatre as much as they say they do. I don’t think they like to see another actor being brilliant.

Fortitude also stars Stanley Tucci, Christopher Eccleston, and Sofie Grabol. It premieres this Thursday, January 29 at 9:00 p.m. on Sky Atlantic. Check out the trailer below.

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