First international trailer for “Regression” arrives!

UPDATE: You can now watch the trailer in English! Check it out:

Regression, starring Emma Watson and David Thewlis, has received its first international trailer! It’s dubbed in Spanish, so while some fans may not be able to understand it, you can still get a first look at Emma and David in the film.

Here’s a quick translation for you non-Spanish speakers:

Ethan Hawke: “My name is Detective Bruce Kenner. It’s October 14, 1990. It’s very important that you tell us everything.”

Emma Watson: “They’ll kill me.”

EH: “No one’s going to hurt you anymore.”

David Thewlis: “Clear your mind. Focus on the pendulum. Tell me what comes to your mind.”

EW: “I heard someone opening the door. It was an old woman. She smiled very strangely. *whisper* She took me downstairs. They wore robes. It was a Black Mass. They’ll kill you, too.”

EH: “I have the feeling that this case is part of something bigger.”

It was first announced that Emma would star in the film in February of 2014. She portrays Angela Gray, a young woman who accuses her father of a terrible crime. David Thewlis will play Dr. Raines, a psychologist who is brought in to help explore her father’s past, and Ethan Hawke will portray the detective working on Angela’s case.

Regression will be released in theaters on August 28, 2015. It’s likely that a trailer in English will be released very soon – we’ll post it here as soon as we can! Are you excited for this thriller?

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