“Batman’s” Wayne Manor hosts British Quidditch Cup

Alfred Pennyworth may have witnessed some strange activities as Bruce Wayne’s butler, but even he would have been surprised at the masses of people running around his lawn with broomsticks between their legs. This past weekend, Wollaton Hall, the site of Wayne Manor in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, hosted 23 teams for the second British Quidditch Cup.

Instead of taking place on a university campus, tournament organizers intentionally chose a more public and famous landmark for the event. Quidditch UK president Amy Maidment said,

we want people to discover what we do and see us as a legitimate sport rather than imitating Harry Potter, so we put it in a public place to get that exposure.

With an increase from 16 to 23 teams competing in the first British Quidditch Cup this year, it seems that the goal of legitimizing Quidditch is becoming more attainable.

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