Exhibition Quidditch

Good evening, witches and wizards (and I suppose Muggle and Squib relatives of witches and wizards)! As Dumbledore’s Army Live! 2015: Expo Patronum draws to a close, we have vacated the Room of Requirement and made our way down to the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch, where an exhibition match involving several DA members is about to begin. Both Lee Jordan and Luna Scamander will be commentating on this event. Luna has even come equipped with her Gryffindor lion hat.

(Thunderous roars echo around the pitch.)

While the two teams participating are not affiliated with one house or another, it looks like the Gryffindor team of Harry’s day is certainly having a reunion out there on the field. On one side, we have Harry and Ginny Potter, George and Angelina Weasley, Alicia Spinnet, Ron Weasley, and Jimmy Peakes. Peakes was a member of the Gryffindor Quidditch team for the 1996-1997 season and will fill the other Beater position opposite George Weasley.

Also returning for this event is Mr. Draco Malfoy, who will be captaining his own team along with playing as Seeker. While I’ve heard that Harry and Draco have made their peace since their time at Hogwarts, this will no doubt be somewhat of a competition for the two of them. The robes for this event are black, complete on the back with the Hogwarts crest and the words “Expo Patronum” embroidered underneath. Harry’s team will have gold goggles and gloves opposite Draco’s white. The teams have taken flight, and they are hovering in a circle over Professor McGonagall as she places her wand to her throat.

McGonagall: “Thank you all for coming to our first ever convention. As a special treat, we hope you enjoy this exhibition Quidditch –”

(Someone in the crowd screams, “Death Eater!” Harry’s entire team drops to the ground, wands at the ready, as other Aurors, along with Luna and Rolf Scamander, Neville Longbottom, and Hermione Weasley, run onto the field.)

Death Eater: “You fools! You will never be safe! Voldemort may be gone, but there are others out there!” (He charges onto the field, aiming straight for Harry.) “And you will die first!”

Harry: “Stupefy!” (The Death Eater drops to the ground, unconscious.)

(The Aurors remove the man from the field.)

Arabella: “Scribble, didn’t St. Mungo’s say they had an escaped patient from their mental unit?”

Scribble: “I believe so, Arabella. That may very well have been him.”

(The crowd is still exchanging anxious murmurs.)

Harry: “I would encourage everyone to take their seats. This event will continue. This is not the first threat, and it will certainly not be the last. But we will not live our lives in fear!”

(The crowd slowly transforms into confident applause.)

Harry: “Everyone, back on your brooms!” (The Quidditch teams once again take their position in the air. McGonagall releases the Quaffle.)

Arabella: “The Quaffle is released, and the game begins!”

***Don’t miss Jon Campling, a Muggle who portrayed the Death Eater on the Hogwarts Express, at MuggleNet Live! 2015: Expo Patronum next month in London! The Ministry would like to confirm that they are indeed aware of the consistent threats since Voldemort’s demise and that they are in complete control. For more details, visit live.mugglenet.com.