Five Reasons Ben Barnes Should Play Newt Scamander

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1) He’s no stranger to fantasy films. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Seventh Son, Stardust, Dorian Gray. He’s perfectly suited for the role. He knows how to portray fiction and make it believable.

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2) He’s had his fair share of dealings with magical creatures. Being the king of Narnia gives you ample opportunity to interact with interesting beings, centaurs included.

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3) He’s got a strong, confident presence. His characters may start out a little shaky, but they always gain the strength and bravery they need, both of which are necessary in dealing with magical creatures with varying degrees of danger.

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4) He’s British. Obviously, that’s crucial.

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5) He’s looks good in a suit. With Fantastic Beasts set in 1920s New York, Newt is going to be smack in the middle of Prohibition and speakeasies. He needs to be able to pull off a finely pressed suit.