Exhibition Quidditch – Final

(Continuing coverage of the Dumbledore’s Army Live! Expo Patronum Exhibition Quidditch match already in progress…)

Arabella: “Draco sure hasn’t learned anything about controlling his temper since his time here at Hogwarts. I mean, I’m not saying I wouldn’t be annoyed if someone crashed into me, but he nearly knocked Bletchley off his broom when he shoved him off!”

Luna: “The Nargles must be irritating him.”

(Professor McGonagall puts her head in her hands.)

Lee: “Err, right… would you look at that! Ginny’s nicked the Quaffle right out of Flint’s hands! Serves you right, you no good—” (Pauses at furious glare from McGonagall.) “… and Gryffindor scores! They now lead 30-0.” (McGonagall resumes watching the game.)

(The crowd erupts, and Luna’s lion hat roars. Flint makes for Ginny, only to get knocked in the head by one of George’s Bludgers. He spirals on his broom to the ground.)

Lee: “Brilliant shot, George!” (He high fives a friend in the crowd.)

McGonagall: “That’s it…”

Lee: “All right, all right.”

Luna: “Did you see that glare on the end of the pitch?”

Lee: “It’s the Golden Snitch!”

Luna: “Oh, how lovely!”

Lee: “Go, Harry, go!”

(Harry and Malfoy race around the pitch, flying in between various spectators and under the stands.)

Luna: “You know what Harry reminds me of?”

Lee: “Oh, boy… what’s that, Luna?”

Luna: “A Niffler.”

(McGonagall shakes her head.)

Lee: “Uh-huh…”

Arabella: “Actually, Lee, she’s quite right. Nifflers are drawn to shiny objects. I’m not saying Harry is drawn to them as Nifflers are, but seeing as he is a Seeker, I can see where Luna is drawing the connection, however random it may be.”

Luna: “You know, Father and I had a run in with a Niffler once, and it nearly stole all of our—”

Lee: “He’s done it! Harry has the Snitch!”

(Harry’s team members crowd around him as they make their way to the ground. They hoist Harry onto their shoulders.)

Arabella: “And that’s the end of the first ever Dumbledore’s Army Live!: Expo Patronum Quidditch match! With Harry’s team winning 180-0, it’s time for the post-convention celebration. I’m Arabella Featherman…”

Scribble: “And I’m Scribble Inkwell.”

Arabella: “From all of us here at the convention, and in the words of some very famous pranksters, mischief managed!”

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