JKR/Galbraith Tour: First 15 Cities Revealed!

On the heels of this morning’s announcements that both 1) J.K. Rowling will be embarking on a worldwide signing tour in 2016 and that 2) reclusive British mystery novelist Robert Galbraith will be at her side, MuggleNet is pleased to exclusively release the news of the first 15 cities that the bestselling author pair will visit!

The signing tour, with proceeds going to charity, will begin in a familiar enough place for fans: London, England. It will then, however, be traveling to many cities that are far less common for book tours to visit. In fact, we didn’t even know some of these places existed! (But they do.)

Here is the list of initial cities targeted for the tour:

– London, England
– Kilkenny, Ireland
– Fluffy Landing, Florida
– Moose Factory, Ontario
– Slapneck, Michigan
– Camel Hump, Wyoming
– Eek, Alaska
– Looneyville, Texas
– Sexi, Peru
– Goat Island, New Zealand
– Scone, New South Wales, Australia
– Batman, Turkey
– Ogre, Latvia
– Worms, Germany
– Bologna, Italy

According to our press contact for the Rowling/Galbraith tour, Rowling was adamant that the places visited be slightly less common, lesser-known places across the world. Her intention, of course, is to give opportunities to fans who may not have been able to attend her signing appearances in the past due to distance. And as far as ending the tour in Italy, that was apparently Robert Galbraith’s idea. In a recent email correspondence, he is quoted as saying, “I just love Bologna.”

Do you live near any of those cities, and will YOU be attending this tour? Let us know in the comments!

Eric S.

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