Putting the Sorting Hat on Your Favorite Authors

John Green, in an interview last year, defended Hufflepuff, proudly declaring his Puff pride – but what about other famous authors? Where would the Sorting Hat have placed J.R.R. Tolkien or F. Scott Fitzgerald? What about Rainbow Rowell or Rick Riordan? Here, I’ve sorted five classic authors and five YA authors into the Hogwarts House I think would suit them best.

Disclaimer: Yes, there are a lot of Ravenclaws among this group. Despite the fact that I’m a Ravenclaw myself, this is pure coincidence: Ravenclaws and authors both generally exhibit traits of creativity and intelligence.

Classic Authors


1. F Scott Fitzgerald: The writer behind the classic high school requirement The Great Gatsby is one of many, many authors who would suit Ravenclaw house. His first short story (of many written in his prolific life) was published when he was only 13, and Gatsby is cited by many as having predicted the Great Depression in 1929.

Portrait Of Jack Kerouac

2. Jack Kerouac: Gryffindor would suit the iconic American author, loyal, adventurous, and daring. Gryffindor is also home to many energetic, handsome jocks, so the On the Road novelist would fit in well.


3. J.R.R. Tolkien: A codebreaker in the second world war and an extremely talented world builder, Tolkien is the perfect Ravenclaw. His wit and spiritual nature would make him a model Ravenclaw student.


4. C.S. Lewis: Lewis is definitely a Ravenclaw. He’s deeply thoughtful and reflective, clever, creative, and spiritual. The allegorical nature of his novels seems distinctly Ravenclaw.


5. Truman Capote: The author behind In Cold Blood would most definitely be a Slytherin. Journalistic, charismatic, and clever, Capote made his mark in the literary world by making connections and roping his author friend Harper Lee to help his write his most famous work.


Young Adult Authors


6. Rainbow Rowell: Is it really hard to guess? Her name is Rainbow, so I think she must be a Hufflepuff. Having been lucky enough to meet Rowell, I think she’s one of the most giving, compassionate, and humble people I’ve met – all attributes worthy of a Hufflepuff.

cassandra clare

7. Cassandra Clare: The clever author behind the famous Mortal Instruments books would likely fit in Slytherin. Her ambition to get her work published and massive fan following seem characteristic of Salazar’s House.

suzanne collins
8. Suzanne Collins: Articulate, knowledgeable, and philosophical, Collins’s books deal with political matters in a creative way, suiting Ravenclaw house perfectly. The creative and intellecual abilities her books must’ve required to write are fittingly Ravenclaw.

veronica roth

9. Veronica Roth: Roth is definitely a Hufflepuff: she’s loyal to her fans, always ready to answer questions or post a silly picture to her Tumblr. Her sweet demeanor belongs in Hufflepuff.

rick riordan

10. Rick Riordan: The man behind Percy Jackson is most definitely a Gryffindor. His characters are feisty, quick on their feet, and loyal to each other – it definitely seems like the kind of series a Gryffindor would want to write.