UW starts Quidditch with Obscure Sports

Hosted by the Harry Potter Club and Obscure Sports Seattle at the IMA archery field last weekend in Seattle, Quidditch teams made up mainly of Obscure Sports players played to Harry Potter-themed cheers from the sidelines.

The clubs also raised funds through the sale of butterbeer and Bertie Botts’ Every Flavor Beans, keeping a strong connection between the Harry Potter universe and Muggle Quidditch as a sport.

UW had been close to holding a Quidditch event several times in the last year, but it wasn’t until a UW Arts and Entertainment organizer connected the Obscure Sports and Harry Potter Club that things progressed quicker.

“Since the idea came up we wanted to do this,” Mustre (of the Harry Potter Club) said, “and spring is a beautiful time to do this.”

The group played under the guidelines of the official US Quidditch Rulebook, adjusting the rules to accommodate for 4v4. The two teams took on some uninspiring names – The Broomsquad and Team We Are Currently Undecided – but played in great spirit. “You know that saying ‘play smarter, not harder’?” said Hailey Sutton, a Chaser on Team We Are Currently Undecided. “I think we’re just gonna play harder.”

Both clubs expect the turnout to increase as word gets around. Obscure Sports, founded by Timmy Bendis, has said that Muggle Quidditch is part of his “expansion policy.” They regularly host events each week, and many capture the flag events draw up to 200 people or more.

“This is only the first time we’ve done this,” Bendis said. “Capture the flag looked exactly like this the first time that we did it; so did kickball, so did volleyball.”

So how obscure is Quidditch in your area?