“Harry Potter” Characters and Their Disney Counterparts: Fred & George and Genie

While trying to think of a Disney pair to match with the twins, I found that many Disney duos are not equals. For example, Chip is far more intelligent than Dale. Fred and George Weasley are, however, incredibly equal. Once I threw aside the need to match pair for pair, I discovered an unlikely but wonderful counterpart for the Weasley twins. Ignoring the obvious parallel of “phenomenal cosmic powers,” Fred and George Weasley share many similarities with Genie from Aladdin.

1. Comedic Relief

Throughout the entire Harry Potter series, the twins provide comedic relief, even in some of their darkest hours. From throwing snowballs at Professor Quirrell (or Voldemort’s face) to cracking jokes at the loss of George’s ear, the twins will never miss a punch line.


Similarly, Genie is always ready with a joke, song, impression, or pom-pom routine to lighten the mood. After 10,000 years, you have a pretty decent bank of comedic material in your arsenal, and Genie knows just when it is needed.


2. Love for Theatrics

Fred and George love an audience for their hijinks. One of their most prominent pranks is the release of fireworks in the Great Hall while Harry and the other fifth years are taking their OWLs.  Their love for trouble-making is only matched by their love of making others laugh.


When Aladdin first meets Genie in the Cave of Wonders, Genie performs an elaborate song and dance number followed by a flashing sign suggesting “Applause” for the performance. Genie loves making mundane activities interesting, like the escape from the Cave of Wonders, and also enhancing scenes that already carry a lot of excitement, like when Prince Ali first comes to Agrabah.Applause


3. Ladies’ Men

While fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, the twins know how to talk to women. They try to give Ron pointers on how to approach a girl for the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire. Fred* is successful in his silent invitation to Angelina Johnson, acting out “you + me + the ball.” Besides, they know that the key to a girl’s heart is to make her laugh. Or sell her a Love Potion at your Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes shop.


Aladdin just does not understand women. Genie’s advice was spot on from the start: He told Al to be himself with Jasmine and tell her the truth rather than keep up the phony act. Again, I think the 10,000 years of experience comes into play here. Either way, Fred, George, and Genie are men who know how to interact with women, which could almost be considered magic itself.


4.Providing the Hero with Essential Tools

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Fred and George Weasley pass down a prized possession to Harry in a time of need – the Marauder’s Map. This map was the key to much of their pranking success, but they recognize Harry’s need is greater than theirs. The Marauder’s Map turns out to be one of the most crucial tools in Harry’s success in the rest of the series. From discovering Peter Pettigrew, to locating Draco Malfoy and the final Horcrux, the Marauder’s Map is an essential piece of the Harry Potter series.


While partly due to the fact that it is more or less his job, Genie also provides Aladdin with the essential tools he needs to save Agrabah from Jafar. Genie gives Aladdin everything he needs to become a prince and get into the palace. At first, this seems like a selfish wish of a street rat granted by his imprisoned genie, but if Aladdin had never become a prince, Jafar would have taken over Agrabah in a more menacing and dangerous way… and Aladdin would have been a helpless spectator to destruction.


5. All Jokes Aside

At the end of the day, Fred, George, and Genie all have enormous hearts full of love for their family and friends. The twins abandoned their store to help Harry escape to the Burrow in Deathly Hallows and stayed with the Order until the very end. Genie never gave up on Aladdin and was his No. 1 supporter and friend. These characters are not only funny but also loving and supportive, which is why we love them so much.

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