Ten Times the “Harry Potter” Movies Did the Books Justice

Every book lover’s dream when a book is adapted into a movie is that the movie will be exactly like the book. That dream was no exception when each of the Harry Potter movies was being produced. While there were many parts of the Harry Potter books that should’ve been included in the movies, there were also an equal amount of scenes that I believe did the wizarding world justice. The following list is ten times I think that the movies were just as amazing as the books.

1. Harry’s first trip to Diagon Alley

When reading the books, Harry’s first trip to Diagon Alley seemed incredibly magical, and in the movie version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, this adaptation did not disappoint! I felt completely engaged while Harry entered into this unknown world, and the set design matched what I had been imagining in my head while I was reading the first book.

2. Quidditch

In each movie that Quidditch was featured, I was pleasantly surprised. The movies made Quidditch seem like a sport that colleges and universities around the world would actually play, and while I was experiencing those scenes, I found myself so caught up in the hype that I desperately wanted the sport to be real. The producers and directors could’ve made Quidditch appear cheesy, but the Quaffle, the Bludgers, the Golden Snitch, and each of the players were realistic enough to the point of believability.

3. Hogwarts set design

Who doesn’t love how the movies portrayed Hogwarts? As soon as the first movie put Hogwarts into perspective, I knew that I was going to fall even more in love with the castle as each movie was released. Hogwarts was, and still is, home to so many people, and when reading the books, I imagined it to be immaculate and breathtaking. I was pleased that the movies did this aspect of the books justice.

4. Harry’s relationship with Sirius

I think this is one of the most satisfying parts about the Harry Potter movies. When Sirius was first introduced in the third movie, I could already tell that he was going to be the Sirius that the books described. The relationship that developed between Harry and Sirius was well acted and believable. The two actors played their roles so well together that when Sirius died, and Harry screams in horror, I felt as though my heart had been ripped in two.

5. The portrayal of Umbridge

There are villains you hate to love, and then there are villains you love to hate, and Umbridge is definitely the latter. The actress who played Umbridge portrayed book Umbridge precisely, and I can’t imagine myself ever liking her in any other thing she acts in. I’ll probably always see her as Umbridge.

6. Dementors

When reading the books, I wasn’t exactly sure how to picture Dementors. The Dementor’s Kiss sucked souls out of wizards, so they had to be eerie, and I feel like the movies portrayed the essence of Dementors very well. They were creepy enough to where it was horrifying to watch but interesting to where you had to keep watching.

7. Dobby

Everything Dobby is perfection. Everything—from the first time we meet him until the time when he dies in Harry’s arms. I have never met anyone in my life who is an avid Harry Potter fan who has something bad to say about Dobby. Dobby is definitely one of the biggest things that the Harry Potter movies got right.

8. “The Tale of the Three Brothers”

I loved how the movies portrayed this fable. It’s described as being a children’s story, so when the movies portrayed this tale as being animated instead of using real actors, it caused such happiness for my nerdy side. This part of the movie was so interesting to watch—I feel like by using animated/skeleton-like figures to portray this story, it left it up for interpretation who each brother was in the movie.

9. Hagrid carrying Harry’s body

There are many things about Hagrid that are great in the movies. However, one of the most memorable moments that included Hagrid was when he was carrying Harry’s “lifeless” body back to Hogwarts to pronounce his “death.” The blank yet emotional look on his face was priceless and matched how I pictured him while reading that scene in the book.

10. Snape’s memories

Of course, I’d have to include my personal favorite scene from all the movies—Snape’s memories. While the movie didn’t include every part of Snape’s memories that were written in the book, this part of the movie was executed so perfectly that it moved me to tears. It is the part of the movie that Harry Potter fans had been waiting for, and the movie definitely did these scenes justice.

Are there any scenes in the movies that you believe did the books justice that weren’t listed here? Let us know in the comments!