Attention All Magical Persons Auditioning for “Fantastic Beasts”

A couple of days ago the Muggle company, Warner Bros., announced that they would be having an open casting call for the role of Modesty. While certain secrecy barriers have been bent for the Muggle filmmakers, actors, and others involved in the production of the movies, the auditions will be taking place in a highly Muggle-populated area.

Although it is preferred that all those going out for roles in the movies be non-magical, wizard parents with younger daughters between the ages of 8-12 are encouraged to allow their children to audition. However, it is expected for all magical persons entering the Muggle premises where the auditions will take place to act as Muggles. Parents are urged to watch out for their children since younger witches and wizards have a harder time controlling their abilities.

Good luck to all those auditioning!

Arabella Featherman, Daily Prophet