Harry Potter Lexicon is looking for YOU – the Knowledgeable Fans!

Fifteen years ago, there were three Harry Potter books. As we fans debated and discussed theories about those 260,000 words, it became obvious that we needed a guide to what J.K. Rowling had actually written. We found ourselves having to thumb through our copies of the books trying to find that one spell or the moment when Dumbledore said that one thing, and we wanted to make sure we weren’t quoting someone else’s theory instead of what was actually in the books. We needed a comprehensive, trustworthy guide to the magical world.

That was the beginning of the Harry Potter Lexicon. The aim of the Lexicon was to catalog all the richness of Rowling’s created world so that we fans could do what fans do best: totally geek out about our favorite books. Over the years, thanks to the dedicated work of a handful of editors, the Lexicon grew to become the go-to resource for fans that wanted to stick close to Rowling’s own version of the Harry Potter universe. The website was used not only by fans but also by Scholastic while editing the books, Warner Bros. while creating the films, Electronic Arts while making the video games, and others. Even Rowling called it “such a great site…my natural home” and admitted to using it to look up a quick fact now and then.

Now, 15 years later, the Lexicon is still an amazing resource. Fans still do what fans have always done – and let’s face it, Harry Potter fans are some of the most creative, talented, giving, awesome people you’ll ever meet. But the Lexicon is showing its age. The old-style web pages are hard to edit and keep updated. It’s just easier for fans to use other, less accurate resources.

Three years ago, Steve Vander Ark – owner and operator of the Lexicon – decided that it was time to update the site to make it easier to edit and easier to use. A lot of work happened behind the scenes between then and now. Finally, the Lexicon is ready to bring all the magical world information into the new format. And for that they need help. A lot of help.

The Harry Potter Lexicon is looking for volunteers who know the Harry Potter universe very well, who enjoy cataloging all the interesting details, and most of all who can make connections. The new Lexicon needs to be more than just a collection of cold facts. They’re creating what is truly a fan resource: created by fans, edited by fans, and giving a whole new level of access to the magical information for fans of all ages. They’re not only listing the facts but also connecting them together in new and interesting ways. If you’re that kind of fan – and you know it if you are – please get in touch. The more fans they have working on this project, bringing in their own unique knowledge and expertise, the more amazing the new Lexicon will be.

Here is how you can be a part of that special team: Simply click on this link RIGHT HERE!