So What’s It Like to Audition for “Fantastic Beasts”?

Yesterday, thousands of young girls turned out to audition for the role of Modesty in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them while most of us sat at home and wished we were 12 years old again so that we could take part. While we here at MuggleNet can’t grant that wish for you, we can give you the next best thing — an inside look at what attending the auditions was like! We’ve got an interview with Chloe Hackett, 12, a young actress who attended the casting call yesterday.

How did you hear about the Fantastic Beasts casting call?

The casting call was very well publicised on Twitter and Facebook, and then I had so many of my family and friends messaging me to suggest that I attend.

Chloe Hackett_Fantastic Beasts Certificate

Do you have any previous acting experience?

I have played the lead role in some amateur theatre productions and have lately performed on an ITV show and have done some voiceover work. I also now go to a [s]chool for [p]erforming [a]rts full time. I am also in the Grand Finals of the Teen Star competition run by Future Music next Saturday at the Birmingham N.E.C!

What was it like waiting for your chance to audition?

It was very exciting! There wasn’t anything to prepare for the audition, so there was very little I could do in advance, and we were only given a very rough idea of what Modesty is like, so I knew it was really just a case of if your face fits on the day. I knew that I […] just had to be myself and try my hardest.

Can you take us through what the first round of auditions was like?

The auditions took place at the Excel Centre, which is a huge venue in London. We knew that there would be a lot of people attending the open casting but never anticipated just how many would arrive! There were literally thousands and thousands of people! There was a real buzz in the air, and there were films [sic] crews filming the queues that just went on for miles! It was very hot standing in line, and some of the parents were getting a bitfractious not knowing if their child would be seen or not (I believe there were a lot [who] were turned away). It was so well organised, though, and there was sun cream and water stations made available to everyone plus food stations dotted around. I waited in line for TEN HOURS! It was very tiring, and I was one of the last groups to be seen. I had my photograph taken, and they asked me a few questions, and that was it! I was free to go!

Are you a big fan of Harry Potter? If so, which Hogwarts House do you identify with?

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter?! I only recently stated to watch the films, and I absolutely love them. They are so magical, and [I] adore Hermione Granger! That is one role I would have loved to have won! I would love to go to the Warner Brothers Studio tour to see the [M]aking of Harry Potter one day. I’m really excited about watching ‘Fantastic Beasts’ when it comes out, as the cast looks impressive, and I love Eddie Redmayne.

I think I would like to be in Gryffindor!

Anything else you’d like to add about the experience?

Going to an open audition will always be a long shot, and I would be so lucky if I won the part of Modesty. I always think it is worth giving it a try, though[;] you have to be in it to win it, and I have to say, I met some lovely new friends in the queue! I just so wish that I had taken down their contact details so that we could keep in touch, but I think we were all caught up in the excitement of the day! Auditioning is tough, and you […] just have to keep going[;] I know that one day the right part will come along for me. Until then I just have to keep training and learning my trade and getting as much experience under my belt as possible!

Chloe Hackett with her Certificate

You can find Chloe on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! Thank you, Chloe, for taking the time to answer our questions!