Are You Going to CONjuration Con? We Are!

The fun of summer might be winding down, but we at MuggleNet are looking forward to fall! To be more exact, we’re looking forward to November 13-15, when CONjuration Con takes the Marriott Century Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Haven’t heard of CONjuration Con? Now in its second year, CONjuration was created by Chris Seckinger and Angela Hammond after a Harry Potter-themed summer camp run by Seckinger was met with such a positive response. CONjuration is run by fans, for fans as a family-friendly convention option.

CONjuration 2015 is going to be a magical time, filled with plenty of amazing Harry Potter events, as well as those pertaining to other popular fandoms. CONjuration describes their convention as an “immersive experience,” and for good reason!

Among the events scheduled for this year’s convention are a Yule Ball and a Hunt for the Horcrux (a “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style game). Also planned are House-specific meet-ups, House Cup activities, and so much more! (Plus, be sure to join MuggleNet for our Family Feud and Jeopardy! games!)

As CONjuration nears, we’ll continue to share with you even more reasons why you should attend, but there’s no reason why you can’t buy your tickets now! Click here for more information on registration.

Are you planning on attending CONjuration Con? Did you attend CONjuration in 2014? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!