Butterbeer Bonanza, a Three-Part Series: Part 2, Alcoholic Butterbeer

Welcome to Part 2 of our Butterbeer Bonanza series!

This is Part 2 of our three-part series. The introductory post went live in June, and Part 1: Non-Alcoholic Butterbeer went live in July. We’ve got the third and final part going live in September, wherein Kat Miller, MuggleNet’s Creative and Marketing Director, will run around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, impromptu interviewing park visitors as they drink butterbeer.

However, this is where it gets fun. Because: booze.

J.K. Rowling never explicitly states whether the wizarding world’s butterbeer is alcoholic or not. Sure, Winky the house-elf gets riotously drunk off it, but that’s after she’s downed many a bottle. (Additionally, we learn that butterbeer affects elves differently than it does humans.) The closest implication readers get that butterbeer is an adult beverage is how everyone describes butterbeer as giving them a very warm feeling. That could indeed be chalked up to butterbeer served hot to wizards and witches on cold winter days, but c’mon.

As for Part 1, the same cast of people scoured the interwebs for alcoholic butterbeer recipes, before recreating three of them at home and taste-testing the results, using the OWLs grading system.

A quick refresher on the teams: We’ve still got our Chicago crew and our LA crew. Wave hi, everyone!

Chicago Team

Chicago Team alcoholic butterbeer

Left: Cassie Kidd, MuggleNet Creative Team, Middle: Eric Scull, MuggleNet Creative Team, Right: Jasmine Lee, MuggleNet Creative Team

LA Team

LA team alcoholic butterbeer

Left: Aaron Schwartz, MuggleNet Creative Team, Middle: Brandon Sanchez, Wizard Cops podcaster, Right: Joey Nestra, Wizard Cops podcaster


The three recipes below were our guinea pigs for the day:

#1) Food in Literature

#2) Adapted PopSugar

#3) ERIC’S
1 shot butterscotch schnapps
1 shot spiced rum
12 oz. cream soda (A&W)
Whipped cream on top

Equal parts schnapps and rum. Top with cream soda. Top with whipped cream.

Now that you’ve seen us make fools of ourselves, what did you all think? Were you on the Yay or Nay team for the Food in Literature recipe?

Do you have any other alcoholic butterbeer recipes that you prefer to make? Which ones made the cut? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!