Cairo University Organization Making Magic for Abu El-Reesh Children’s Hospital

Saturday, August 29 will mark Cairo’s first Harry Potter festival, held in support of the Abu El-Reesh Children’s Hospital. Hosted by a group of medical students at Cairo University known as the “Patient Support Team” (PST), the “Harry Potter Experience” (which can be followed under the #halfbloodsphinx hashtag across social media) will consist of Muggle Quidditch, wizard food, and plenty of merchandise inspired by the series.

The Egyptian Streets elaborates:

Funds raised through events such as the Harry Potter [Experience] will go towards providing resources and support for public and university hospitals – many of which rely on medical students – allowing them to provide better service for poorer patients.

Outside of various fundraising events put on by PST, the organization allows donors to “adopt” individual medical cases and contribute toward a singular patient’s treatment. This system affords donors more peace of mind in knowing exactly where their money is going.

For more information concerning PST, check out their Facebook profile here. The official Harry Potter Experience event page can be found here.