Daniel Radcliffe Talks Physicality of “Victor Frankenstein” Role

Daniel Radcliffe sat down with Express to discuss how his co-star, James McAvoy in the titular role, put their bodies to the test during the filming of Victor Frankenstein. Dan has previously revealed how much of the story would focus on the relationship between Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant, Igor, but we now know to what lengths the relationship will be tested in the movie’s fight scenes:

James is a very good physical actor, and I’m very good at having the c*** beaten out of me, so we worked really well together … Sometimes it is hard to get other actors to really go for it but not James.

Once he’s done piling the praise on McAvoy, Dan makes sure to clear up that both actors are still on good terms:

He didn’t hold back, and I felt it too! But it worked for those scenes, and we remain good buddies.

Victor Frankenstein arrives in US theaters November 25 with a UK release set for December 4. Are you excited to see Dan in this type of role? Lets us know below!