Daniel Radcliffe Could Have Been Back on a Broom…

… but not in the role you would think!

Of course, we’re used to him soaring around as the youngest Quidditch Seeker Hogwarts has seen in over a century, but apparently, he wanted to be in a recent film flying with – sharks?

That’s right. Apparently, Daniel Radcliffe wanted to be in the recent movie Sharknado 3. Anthony Ferrante, Director of the third film in the quickly becoming cult-classic franchise, recently did a Twitter Q&A and revealed that there were plans to have Dan riding a broom at the park in the movie, something he said would be “epic!” Thanks to our friend Banks at Orlando Attractions Magazine for cluing us in.

Further speculation tends to believe that Dan would’ve played a janitor in the park and would ride away on his broom into the storm. It would have been nice to see Dan back in action on a broom – maybe they could have thrown in a Snitch for him to chase? Maybe a Snitch with shark teeth or a golden-winged shark!