Harry Potter Alliance Joins the Copyright Coalition

The Harry Potter Alliance, the activist group helping to engage fans through the power of story, has recently joined the Re:Create Coalition, which is striving to protect fair use copyright laws as Congress is attempting to change them. The content that would be under fire from changes to the current situation would include fan fiction, fan art, and other fan-created works. Katie Bowers, the campaign manager of the HPA stated,

Our community supports and encourages fan-created work. We are dedicated to making sure copyright laws protect and preserve fair use so that artists and consumers have outlets for creative expression.

Re:Create spokeswoman Tina Pelkey spoke on the HPA joining the cause, saying,

The Harry Potter Alliance brings an important voice and perspective to Re:Create’s work in promoting creativity and fair use. This organization is helping to make fair use a priority for fans and creators through Fan Works Are Fair Use, and we look forward to partnering with them to promote balanced copyright laws in the digital age.

HPA has recently started their own campaign, Fan Works are Fair Use, which helps fans to understand, protect, and preserve fair use laws while bringing fan-created works into the mainstream.

You can read the full article about HPA joining Re:Create here.

With this new partnership, the Harry Potter Alliance and Re:Create are one step closer to protecting the rights of fan-creators in the Harry Potter fandom and beyond!