“Harry Potter” and “Divergent”: Hogwarts Edition

For two months, we have been committed to the task of envisioning where our favorite Potter characters would place themselves if they lived in a Divergent universe. Would they join the brave Dauntless, the kind Amity, the honest Candor, the intelligent Erudite, or the selfless Abnegation? Or more than one, Divergent? It was never easy – with sparks flying, conversations turned into debates, and polls with the staff were had. While it’s impossible for us to know what would have really happened, we feel we did a pretty all right job.

Today marks the DVD release of Insurgent, and in honor of the occasion, we bring to you one final special posting. We’re flipping the tables and putting the Sorting Hat on our favorite Divergent characters. Now, we admit we could never be as all-knowing and all-powerful as the scraps of fabric turned garment we know and love, but we are still up to the challenge – using our intuition – to predict what colors Veronica Roth’s creations would wear on their robes at Hogwarts.

Would the Sorting Hat see something in our heroines and villains that they may not have seen in themselves? The decision would be made for them at a younger age, setting up their life just as it was getting started, and that could have different effects on these characters. Where do we see them? We present to you, the Hogwarts Houses:

*Please note that there will be spoilers and information pertaining to all three original Divergent novels*


1. Beatrice (Tris) Prior

For the Abnegation born, Dauntless chosen, this may seem too easy. Tris yearned for a life of adventure and was never afraid to step up to a challenge. She was the first to jump into the Pit, displaying her bravery and showing true courage by sticking up for her friends, and taking a knife to the ear for it. Tris is a character who continues to prove just how un-stiff-like she is throughout the series, including her willingness to turn herself in and rebel against Jeanine Matthews. The Sorting Hat would see Tris’s bravery and cunning and place her among the red and gold. Even in the end, Tris shows her true Gryffindor by sacrificing herself for those she loves.


2. Tobias Eaton (Four)

Four would have probably been the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team and given Oliver Wood a run for his money. Four doesn’t bat an eye when it comes to being brave, and we can see the Sorting Hat shouting, “Gryffindor!” at the slightest contact with his hair (like Draco and Slytherin in Sorcerer’s Stone). He looks after those he cares for and refuses to let them feel harm. Four would be determined to bring home the House Cup every year and would excel in Defense Against The Dark Arts.


3. Tori Wu

Erudite born, Dauntless chosen, Tori’s choice was not made in vain. She demonstrates her bravery many times throughout the series, starting with informing Tris of her Divergent status following her simulation. She recognized that this could put Tris in harm’s way and even puts herself at risk, but she believed that Tris would be better off knowing her true status. Tori remains someone Tris can come to as a tough mentor and never shies away from the truth. She bravely follows Tris beyond the city limits and is ready to pay the ultimate price for their cause. She would have made a fair Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch squad as a competitive and supportive teammate.


4. Natalie Prior
Tris’s mom is the ultimate Gryffindor because she did the bravest thing anyone could have done in the whole series. She willingly put herself into the Factions system when the experiments were starting. Natalie came from the outside world and agreed to go inside to help get the whole thing started, leaving her entire past life, and love of her life, behind. Later on, she sacrificed herself for her daughter knowing the world needed Tris more than it needed her. Her immense bravery and courage makes her Head Girl in our books.

natalie prior

5. Uriah Pedrad

Dauntless born and raised, Uriah is reckless and adventurous to the bone. He lives for excitement and is thrilled to do anything; from intense capture the flag to zip lining through the city. He is also very brave and loyal, staying with Tris and Four until the very end. He remains a tried and true friend to Tobias even after the events of Allegiance. We imagine Uriah would have been very similar to Lee Jordan in his enthusiasm for Weasley pranks and Quidditch, calling every match with just as much home team bias.



1. Christina

Christina is spunky but aligns with Hufflepuff traits. She finds humor easily in things and is a loyal friend to Tris starting on the train to Dauntless. Christina stays by Tris’s side during all of her adventures. She values hard work and never asks for a handout as she deals with her punishments from Eric during her training process. She doesn’t yearn for the limelight and is content with playing the part of a best friend. At age 11, Hufflepuff would have been a great placement for her, and would have helped her to grow into who she is at the end of the series. She would have been one of the students constantly laughing at the Weasleys but quick to offer a helping hand to any prank victims.


2. Al

Al is a big softie. No one ever understood why he chose to join Dauntless because he was such a gentle giant. He is not a fan of violence, fighting, or competition, and is more eager to make friends and spend time making people happy. Al lacks the courage to stand up to Peter during initiation and is easily manipulated by him. It’s not his fault, his mind just doesn’t work in a way that is conniving or cruel. He quickly tries to right his wrongs and is more interested in friendship than anything Dauntless has to offer. He probably would have helped Hermione with SPEW and would sneak off to the kitchens to meet with the house-elves.

al divergent


1. Caleb Prior

Caleb has always had a thirst for knowledge; he hid books around his Abnegation house and chose to join Erudite. He finds himself very happy in Erudite because of the mental challenge it presents. He enjoys the lifestyle of reading, studying, and researching far more than the Abnegation faction. Ravenclaw is a perfect fit for the boy who wants to learn about anything and everything. He would handle the riddles to get into the common room with ease and marvel others with his excellent grades. Having stimulating conversations with his fellow housemates would fill him with joy, and he would make Professor Flitwick beyond proud.


2. Will

Will was born into Erudite and had a difficult time shaking off his roots. While he excels in Dauntless, he is still the know-it-all of the transfer initiates. He knows the history, initiation rituals – heck, everything about every faction – and is constantly flaunting his big brain about the meal table in the pit. He would have been the first first-year to solve the riddle and gain access to the Common Room, for sure, and would have earned Outstanding on all of his OWLs.


3. Andrew Prior

While we don’t know much about this character, we do know he was born Erudite and later changed to Abnegation. Considering his upbringing, the Sorting Hat may have felt Ravenclaw was the place for him; this would support Caleb’s intelligence and decision to transfer to Erudite, as well. Like father, like son.

andrew prior

4. Evelyn Johnson

Like the rest, Evelyn too was a born Erudite which gave her loads of knowledge. She later became a solid leader to the Factionless and refused to be reckless at any moment. Evelyn is meticulous and a dedicated planner, which makes her someone who is only willing to do things right. A Ravenclaw, for sure, who would serve as a prefect and probably Head Girl, assisting the current Headmaster or Headmistress with ease.

evelyn johnson


1. Jeanine Matthews

Jeanine is a clever, cunning, ambitious, and rotten person. Are we saying all Slytherins are evil? No, but they don’t have the best track record. Jeanine set out to annihilate all of the Divergents similar to how Voldemort wished to rid the world of Muggle-borns and half-bloods. Her cunning ways and desire for power would place her among the green and silver at age 11. We’d almost go as far to say that she would become a Death Eater if possible.

jeanine matthews

2. Marcus Eaton

Marcus is in the running for ‘Father of the Year’ alongside Lucius Malfoy. His abusive ways made him unpopular with many and caused him to switch factions while attempting to promote peace. A sly speaker who could easily win others over, Marcus would do well in Slytherin as a smooth talker capable of getting his way. While he claims to not be the main enemy in the series, his behavior towards his son colors him very green indeed. He later ends up exiled from the system which can be compared to how many Slytherins wound up in the dungeons during the Second Wizarding War.

marcus eaton

3. Eric

Eric is a person who enjoys others’ pain far more than anyone should. As a Dauntless leader who loved pushing the initiates too far, he reminds us of the Carrows during Deathly Hallows. There is no other home for someone like Eric, as he is one of the evils this house is famous for creating.

eric divergent

4. Edward

Edward was born Erudite, but the strongest Dauntless transfer initiate, even ranking higher than some Dauntless-borns. Peter saw him as a threat and eliminated him in a gruesome way. Well, that did not sit well with Edward. In addition to the intelligence and cleverness of an Erudite, Edward has the temper and ability of a true born Dauntless. He is ambitious and, because his dream was stolen from him, out for revenge. He quickly rises through the ranks of the Factionless and would have done the same in Slytherin. He would have been the captain of the Quidditch team and Head Boy, for sure.

edward divergent

5. Peter

The only character more ambitious and conniving than Peter is Jeanine Matthews herself. Peter was determined to be the best transfer initiate. When Edward proved himself better again and again in hand-to-hand combat, Peter found a sly way to change that. He is sneaky, cunning, and will stop at nothing to serve himself and his desires. He definitely would be similar to Draco Malfoy – the bully on the school grounds that picks on everyone – and, as an 11-year-old, made sure that his father heard about everything. He would have made a spot for himself on the Quidditch team one way or another, and anything but Seeker would be a worthless position to him.

peter divergent

We hope you all have enjoyed this series! Did we miss anyone or missort? Let us know in the comments!