Review: “Harry Potter” Platform 9 3/4 Wall Decal by the Decal Guru

There are a thousand reasons why I love working for MuggleNet—way too many to list here—but one of the benefits is receiving Harry Potter-themed merchandise to review. The Decal Guru has offered two awesome decals in a special giveaway, which you’ll read more about below!

I was ecstatic when I received the email that I’d been chosen to receive and review one of the Decal Guru’s decals. I had the option of choosing between five different decals, but ultimately, I chose the small, 11’’ x 11’’, black Platform 9 ¾ wall decal.

One of my favorite moments in the entire series is when Harry enters through Platform 9 3/4 in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I also experienced riding the Hogwarts Express at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and it was one of the best days of my life thus far. For these reasons, and many others, I chose to display the 9 ¾ decal in my room.

It was shipped on a Monday and arrived at my house on Friday—something I was truly impressed with! When I opened the package, the decal was in great condition, and included in the package were detailed instructions, which were extremely helpful when placing the decal on the wall. However, there is also a video on YouTube that provides visual instructions.

The decal was meant to be placed on the wall, but unfortunately, once it is placed on the wall, it can’t be removed. Since I want to keep the decal for a long time (and by a long time I mean forever), I placed it on my wooden bookshelf. At first I was worried that it wouldn’t stick as well, but it turned out perfectly!

Though only one person is required to apply the decal, I would suggest having someone help you apply it to whatever surface you choose. I had assistance when applying the decal, and applying it is much easier with an extra set of hands. It’s important to make sure there are no air bubbles when applying it. It’s also important to make sure that it doesn’t stick to the surface before you’re ready to apply it in its permanent place. With an extra set of hands, it made it possible to apply the decal correctly with no mistakes.

Overall, the installation took about ten minutes with help, and I was overjoyed when I saw it in its final place on my bookshelf. It looks extremely realistic, and every time I look at it, I feel like I’m standing at Platform 9 ¾, ready to board the Hogwarts Express.


Do you want a Harry Potter-themed decal of your very own? Head on over to our giveaway, and enter to win!