Slytherpuffs, and Gryffinclaws, and Huffledors, Oh My!

J.K. Rowling has dropped some more Potter wisdom on us, guys. According to a recent tweet by the sassy author, there are hybrid Houses.


What does it mean to be a Slytherpuff? Well, looking at the Pottermore descriptions of both Houses, it could mean that you are cunning, resourceful, and ambitious while at the same time being patient, loyal, and fair.

slytherpuff badge

And why not? The Sorting Hat has had difficulty placing students before. Surely the digital version would as well.

Think back to Harry’s first year. “You could be great you know, it’s all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that – no? Well, if you’re sure – better be GRYFFINDOR!”

The Sorting Hat has also met its fair share of Hatstalls – taking more than five minutes to place students. Minerva McGonagall was torn between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, Peter Pettigrew between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Not quite considered Hatstalls, Neville Longbottom was almost placed in Hufflepuff, and Hermione Granger was almost in Ravenclaw.

So what could this possibly mean? It means we are all different.

Just because you are sorted into one Hogwarts House does not mean you lack the traits of another. Hermione is a perfect example. She was sorted into Gryffindor but considered far and wide the brightest witch of her age. She was called “an insufferable know-it-all” and read more books than the rest of her class combined. There is no denying she was just as clever as a Ravenclaw, despite her heroic House of Gryffindor.

J.K. Rowling is an advocate for equality and the fair treatment of others. This tweet was clearly meant as a call for acceptance. You should be proud of who you are and accept others for their hybrid Houses, too. Be that a Slytherpuff, Gryffinclaw, Huffledor, or a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Grytherpuffclaw.

We are all united by Hogwarts. Why divide ourselves among Houses? I’m a proud Gryffinclaw! What are you?