Why Ginny Weasley is SUCH a Leo

We already know that Ginny Weasley is an excellent example of what a Gryffindor is supposed to be. She’s brave, she fights for what she believes in, and she has more nerve than all of Slytherin House put together. Perhaps it’s a coincidence that the symbol of both Gryffindor House and the Leo zodiac sign (which Ginny was born under) is a Lion, but not only is Ginny the ultimate Gryffindor, but she is also the ultimate Leo.

Leos are generous, encouraging, and loyal. Ginny is always willing to stand up for her friends: She defends Luna Lovegood when people make fun of her; she attends the Yule Ball with Neville Longbottom who, at that time, was not exactly that most desirable of dates; she never hesitates to rush to her friends’ aid when they are in trouble; and she more than proved her loyalty during the battle at the Ministry in OotP.

Leos are also very independent; however, they do love to be admired. It’s no wonder, then, that Ginny was drawn to Quidditch. Not only was she a star player for Gryffindor House while at Hogwarts, but she also went on to play professional Quidditch for the Holyhead Harpies.

Leos are social butterflies. They are always surrounded by friends. As we learn in HBP, Ginny is one of the most popular girls in Gryffindor House. She has lots of friends, not to mention boyfriends. People are naturally drawn to a Leo’s warmth and zest for life. Everyone at Hogwarts, Harry included, certainly appeared to be drawn to Ginny.

Leos love excitement and despise boredom. Ginny is always up for an adventure. No matter the danger, Ginny is always in the middle of the action. Ginny is not one to shy away from a fight, even when it’s against Dark witches and wizards who are more than twice her age.

Despite the fact that they hide it well, Leos are also very sensitive. Ginny’s sensitive nature is on display in the first few Potter novels when she becomes so nervous around Harry, she is afraid to even speak around him. Despite her bravery and strength, Ginny is still afraid of getting hurt. Her sensitive nature is also what inspired her to confide her feelings in Tom Riddle’s Diary in CoS.

Ginny is brave, passionate, and loyal. She embodies the values of Gryffindor and the characteristics of a Leo so completely, it almost seems that J.K. Rowling chose her birth date with that in mind. Whether she did or not, she certainly created a character in Ginny that truly has the heart of a lion.