As Accomplished as Dumbledore…

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

Your Famous Witches and Wizards card amazes me. You’ve done so much! Now that I’m at Hogwarts I want to know, which extra-curricular activities should I be taking? I want to be as accomplished as you were one day.

William Jenkins

Dear William,

I’m delighted that you will be studying magic at Hogwarts. In my opinion, you may become quite accomplished by simply doing your best in each of your classes. But it’s worthwhile to look beyond your schedule — not only to expand your knowledge, but to attain something every accomplished wizard needs: a healthy sense of fun.

Of course, I cannot say what unique talents and interests you might have. As a rule, I would advise against biting off more than you can chew. If you need a Time Turner in order to keep up with your activities, then you are trying to do too much.

I’d also encourage you to explore something unexpected. When I was a new student at Hogwarts, I got terribly lost and happened upon a meeting of the Ten-Pin Bowling Society. It was a transformative experience. Few pleasures are as great as knocking down a full set of pins with a perfect spin of the ball. And the shoes are magnificent! If you have the slightest inclination, I would certainly give the Hogwarts T.P.B.S. a go.

Pursue what intrigues you and allow yourself to get lost sometimes, and I feel certain that one day you will have your own Famous Witches and Wizards card. I look forward to reading it and being amazed.

Best Regards,
Albus Dumbledore