Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis Appear at Oz Comic-Con

Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis are back in Australia again this week as guests of Oz Comic-Con. The predominant amount of their time was spent at autograph and photo tables, but they also held two public Q&A sessions.

They were joined by other prominent entertainers of Supernatural fame, Mark Sheppard and Jim Beaver; MacGuyver and Stargate actor Richard Dean Anderson; and Dante Basco, the voice of Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I’m such a #HarryPotter head, I’m so happy to meet @msevylynch & @awildrobbieattacks! #OzComicCon #gryffindor

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Brisbane fans trotted out many familiar questions to the two, Evanna sharing that she found out about auditions for Luna through MuggleNet, while Robbie told how he hit four crew members on the head, including director David Yates, during a game in casting for James Potter. The highlight came when a fan asked which character the actors would play in a futuristic reboot of the series. While discussing that a fifty-year reboot would take place in space, Robbie jumped in to admit that he would play Quirrell if only to deliver the line

TROLL – in the spaceship – thought you ought to know.

Evanna also re-enacted her early casting as Dobby in a childhood play. But it turned out to be a bit Irish-sounding to Robbie. It was also a surprise to learn that Robbie penned fan fiction during his GSCEs (Britain’s final high school exams). Evanna asked for his username, but he denied ever publicly sharing them. There also seems to be a gap in Evanna’s nerd knowledge

What questions do you have for the two?

Oz Comic-Con continues September 26-27 in Sydney. Click here for tickets.