Fan Focus: Aishwarya – September 20, 2015


Age 21 – India

How did you become a Harry Potter fan?

One day, in fourth grade, my friend started telling me about a story about this boy who was magic. I was fascinated. I wanted to know more about the boy and the school. I didn’t realize that it was not curiosity; it was a wish, a wish to believe in magic. Somehow I always knew magic existed. The wish engulfed me, […] so I collected money and brought [sic] the first book. And since then, I have lived, cried, played, ate, fought, loved and smiled with the magic that the books shared with me.

What is one theory you had about the books before they finished that you wish had come true?

I definitely never wanted Fred to be dead. I still can’t imagine it. He seemed so alive and young, and he sure could have used some more time. I don’t know if its his death or George’s pain that makes it so painful. However! I always thought that Severus Snape would have a child [whom] he disinherited and [who] would have been used somewhere in Half[-]Blood Prince. But then, the original [story] is also great, [about] how much he loved Lily Evans. But then, to get his mind off of Lily, he must have tried to love again, after she married Potter. He could have given love another chance, and as a result he produced a child with a [M]uggle.

What Potter fandom memory would you keep in your Pensieve?

Well, I would keep the [B]attle of Hogwarts in it. It will always remind me never to forget the sacrifices innocent people gave and could  imagine the faces of all the “[once] live” lost ones. It would give me strength and make me realize that death is not something to be feared. It is just the next level.

If you could have one prop from the set of the films, which would it be?

I would like to have the letter from Hogwarts. That was the thing that made Harry aware that he was magic and belonged somewhere. It was only then I wished I too belong to the same place. I guess that’s where a connection was made. [It’s a] wonder what a small piece of parchment can do to your theory of existence. [This] letter changed [the] lives of many, including [mine]. And therefore, all I ever wanted was that letter. But then, didn’t we all?