Just like Harry

Dear Harry,

I hope I am a wizard like you.
I hope I am in Hogwarts exactly like you.
I hope I am in Gryffindor just like you.

When will I get my letter from Hogwarts please (I am 7 years old)?

Greta Gryffindor

From the desk of Harry Potter
Auror Office
Ministry of Magic

Dear Greta,

You’ll have to wait until you’re around 11 to receive any official Hogwarts postage, but with such strong house pride already, I have no doubt you’ve got the makings of a great Gryffindor!

In the (unlikely) event that you don’t receive a Hogwarts letter, remember that anyone, even a Muggle, has the potential to make magic! As someone very wise once said to me, “It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Good luck, brave Gryffindor!

P. S. As flattered as I am that you wish to be like me, may I suggest being yourself? It’s a lot more rewarding (and, not to mention, a lot less dangerous).