Man-eating plants!

Dear Professor Sprout,

I just arrived at Hogwarts and I’m scared to walk outside except for going in between classes. My older brother says that there are man-eating plants and worse all over the place! And even a Willow tree that has killed people before. How can I enjoy the afternoon sunshine when there are bad plants lurking around in it?


Dear Alex,

First years do well to listen to the advice of older students. However, you might want to check with more reliable sources. The Whomping Willow, while capable of inflicting great damage, has yet to commit manslaughter. See that you keep well away from it. The Forbidden Forest is dangerous for more than the beasties ​that call it home: it is also home to a number of carniverous plants, including those that would find a young wizard a tasty snack. Greenhouses four and six also house a number of plants, including Devil’s Snare, Night Shade, and the Venomous Tentacula, that are tended by upper-year students, due to their dangerous properties. Stick to your year group during Herbology, and do not touch any plant that appears either to have a brain, or to be too innocent. And read your Herbology text. It just may save your life.

Pomona Sprout
Professor of Herbology
Head, Hufflepuff