“MuggleCast” Episode 282: “Back to Hogwarts” Now Available!

Your original Harry Potter podcast celebrates the month of September in the usual way: by welcoming new Hogwarts students (such as James Sirius Potter), by speculating on fan-submitted theories, and by commiserating on the many failures of Pottermore. Do not fret! – sharing in the experience with friends makes all of the difference.

On Episode 282, you will find discussion on:

    • It’s a new era in the fandom: Fantastic Beasts has started filming!
    • … Is it as exciting as Andrew is making it out to be?
    • It’s September! Back to Hogwarts, y’all! Jo’s tweet about the first day of the new term sent fans into a tizzy.
    • How much does it cost to take a photo with Rupert Grint at a fan expo? The answer is… wallet-breaking.
    • The Big Questions We Never Asked: Our listeners have some random questions!
    • Pottermore has re-launched, and we have a lot to say about it.
    • Does Pottermore know what it wants to be?
    • On the calendar: The first-ever illustrated edition arrives soon!
    • There’s no news about The Cursed Child (Sadly, we recorded this episode right before JKR announced the big Cursed Child news).
    • Fan theories: Would Ginny have killed Voldemort if Harry didn’t? Plus, JKR endorses the Dumbledore is Death theory.

You can find the show on iTunes, and subscribe if you haven’t already, or you can direct download the show via this link. As always, check out the MuggleCast website for all the latest news regarding the show.