Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Read the “Harry Potter” Series

BuzzFeed recently released an article discussing what non-Harry Potter fans are sick of hearing from Harry Potter fans. As a true Potterhead, it’s almost painful to know that there are people who truly aren’t fans of the series. However, I don’t cast judgment on those who aren’t fans of the series because about five years ago, I myself wasn’t a Potterhead. Now, five years later, my life prior to Harry Potter is practically nonexistent because the series has made such a profound impact on my life.

BuzzFeed and non-Harry Potter fans, the reason we Potterheads always talk about the series is because we are so enthusiastic about it, and we want to share our enthusiasm with others!

So whether you’re reluctant to read the series like I was years ago, or whether you’ve never wanted to give it a chance because everyone seems to love it, here are my reasons why I wholeheartedly believe everyone should read the Harry Potter series.

1) It’s more than a story about wizards and witches.

SO MUCH MORE! This series taught me about friendship, love, bravery, and the goodness and downfall of human nature, among many other things. The life lessons dispersed in the text have always kept me coming back for more. Many people grew up with Harry, so for them, the Harry Potter series represents their childhood. I, however, didn’t have that same experience. After reading these books, I realized that I wanted to major in English in college. After reading these books, I became inspired to write stories of my own. After reading these books, I realized that there are no limits to the imagination. To me, the Harry Potter series represents my newfound adulthood and the future ahead.

2) You get to escape reality and enter the wizarding world.

One of the main reasons why I love to read is because reading allows me to escape reality. While reading Harry Potter, you get to travel to a new world! Along with Harry, and many others, you’ll ride the Hogwarts Express, get Sorted into one of the four Hogwarts Houses, attend classes such as Transfigurations and Potions, and meet tons of new friends. Escaping to the wizarding world will allow you to experience the best adventure of your life.

3) It’s not a romance story.

This is one of the reasons why people prefer Harry Potter over Twilight. The Harry Potter series isn’t strictly a romance series. Yes, romance does occur, but not until the last few books, and even then, it’s not overkill. Instead, the series is about an adventure, fantasy, magic, good versus evil, morality, friendship, and more. Romance isn’t the plot, and it isn’t what motivates the characters in their actions. In a world that seems to be filled with teenage romance, it’s great to read a story that is primarily about the opposite – friendship.

4) There’s more to the women than being dainty, helpless, and in love with a man.

The women in the Harry Potter series are fierce. To give examples, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, Molly Weasley, and Minerva McGonagall are women who thrive on education, friendship, and the betterment of the wizarding world. In the series, the women aren’t treated as helpless victims who have to sit on the sidelines and watch the boys defeat Voldemort. Instead, they’re just as equally involved in the action, often proving their magical skills are more capable of victory. Women aren’t belittled in the Harry Potter series. The women are strong, just as they were made to be.

5) Not everything is happily ever after.

In case someone is reading this who hasn’t read the books, hasn’t seen the movies, or hasn’t seen images or read information online, I won’t spoil what happens. However, I will say this: Because it is a war, people die. In fact, many, many people die, especially the characters that JKR makes us become attached to. The fact that JKR kills off so many of our most beloved characters resembles real life outside of the books. People die unexpectedly, and not everything ends happily ever after. Sometimes, heartache is required in order to reach the next stage in life. The Harry Potter series allows you to experience that within the pages.

6) You’ll find a character that you feel an instant connection with, unlike any other character you’ve ever read about.

For me personally, that character was Snape – the misunderstood, bullied, complicated, and mysterious character that leaves everyone guessing for seven books. For you, it probably will be someone completely different, and it may not even be Harry Potter himself, the main character of the series! Reading the Harry Potter series gives you insight to many different characters and allows you to learn about the many types of personalities and character traits of humans in general. Reading this series will cause you to bond with a fictional character, and sometimes, those bonds are the ones that truly matter because no matter what happens, they’ll always be there waiting for you to return.

7) You’ll be introduced to the best fandom in the world.

I don’t just say that because I work for MuggleNet and because I’m a huge Potterhead. I say it because it’s the 100% truth. In no other fandom have I experienced so much love, acceptance, and generosity. In no other fandom have I made so many new friends across the globe. The Harry Potter fandom is truly the best fandom there is. There’s not much I can say that will justify this reason. You’ll just have to experience for yourself!

8) Hogwarts will become your home.

As stated by the lovely J.K. Rowling, “Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” It’s the absolute truth. Though the last book was published in 2007 and the last movie was released in 2011, Hogwarts has always welcomed me home every single day since I became a fan. I find great pleasure in knowing that for the rest of my life, I’ll always have Hogwarts, Harry Potter, and this amazing fandom.

To those of you who are also Potterheads, like me and the rest of my MuggleNet family, what are some reasons you’d give a non-Harry Potter fan to read the series? To those of you who aren’t Harry Potter fans, are you convinced? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!