Who Wore It Better: Luna Lovegood or Lady Gaga?

Good day to you, magical universe! Gilderoy Lockhart here, with the highlight of your busy day. Prepare yourselves for the September installment of Witch Weekly’s “Who Wore It Better.” What a glorious month September is. Summer is lingering ever so slightly, its exiting breeze ruffling the leaves and causing them to spiral to the earth. Autumn is very poetic, you know. Just the other day I was taking a stroll and admiring the changing leaves when I came across a newsstand on the sidewalk. I picked up last month’s edition of Witch Weekly and flipped to my column. While reading my commentary and reveling once again at how wonderful my haircut looked in the photograph on the glossy magazine page, I thought to myself, “Gilderoy, why don’t you add to the magical feeling in the autumn air and do something extraordinary and generous to add to the effect?” So I produced my favorite ostrich feather quill and signed every copy of Witch Weekly on the newsstand. I even honored a few Daily Prophets with my scroll in the spirit of going above and beyond the call of duty. So there you have it. If you should be one of the lucky readers to purchase a signed copy of last month’s magazine from that particular stand, just know that it was the special magic of this time of year that inspired such a beautiful act. Now, on to this month’s pairing:


luna lovegood is shown wearing her gryffindor lion hat. Lady Gaga is on the other side of the image wearing an extravagant headpiece that resembles a lion's mane


On the left, we have magical naturalist Luna Lovegood, and on the right, we have a Muggle pop singer who goes by Lady Gaga. These ladies are showing off some stellar headgear. A good hat can do an awful lot for the appearance, and these are both excellent examples, but who wore it better? Lovegood experimented with different fabrics and textures. While Gaga’s hat wreaths her face nicely, Lovegood’s all but devours her face. I do think it’s a nice effect. It shows that the naturalist is really living on the edge and communicates a sort of daring that I find quite appealing. Gaga’s wreath looks like it may be made out of porcupine quills (I wonder what Lovegood’s reaction to this use of materials harvested from animals would be.) and makes her feel unapproachable for fear of being stung. It’s the sort of fashionable art that can be admired from afar but makes one too wary to examine it at a closer distance. I do believe I have to award this one to Lovegood for her use of multiple textiles and just really committing to the giant lion head. It’s a bold statement and should thus be acknowledged. Until next time, my beautiful readers! Stay radiant!



Gilderoy Lockhart

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