Five Spells for an Offensive “Hunger Games” Strategy

Wouldn’t life have been much easier for Katniss and the other tributes if they all had the power of magic on their side? Assuming that they could not just Apparate out of the arena and decided to go with an offensive strategy, here are five spells that would ensure the odds were truly in their favor.

1. Aqua Eructo Charm


As the gamemakers pointed out, killing each other is easy, but so is death from basic needs such as hunger and thirst. We imagine that if a tribute had access to this spell he or she would have been able to focus more on strategy during those first crucial days and less on wandering aimlessly in search of water. Not to mention the fact that it could allow someone to step in to save those careless enough to set “I’m right here” bonfires.

2.  Stunning Spell


Don’t have a conscious that would sit well if you offed someone? Well, you’re probably screwed in the games. But you could at least perish guilt-free knowing that you chose to knock your enemies unconscious instead. For animal lovers out there it would also offer a humane way to escape from those artificially engineered mutts.

3. Shield Charms

protego maxima

Anyone wishing to sit things out way off at the edge of the map would be well served by this combination of incantations. Although it requires a certain level of mastery, will probably give away your location, and calls for you remain to within its boundary, it is a solid strategy to shield yourself for a few crucial hours when things are getting particularly dangerous.

4. Disillusionment Charm

invisibility cloak

Hide people! If caves and treetops aren’t your thing, then this spell will allow you to blend right into your surroundings and consequentially off the path of mayhem. Be sensible, though. Just because you are unseen does not mean you are unheard. Gasping or giggling at your opponents in addition to gassy situations that may arise from prolonged hunger will naturally lead to your detection.

5. Episkey


It will not help with dismembered limbs or internal wounding, but for everything else there is Episkey. Minor inflictions if left untreated during the games have a nasty tendency to gradually worsen and dramatically alter your gameplay. Focusing on surviving can become a lot easier and more comfortable without a cumbersome broken nose. Your ability to focus is everything.

How far do you think this combination will get you? What spells would you add? Be sure to check out our other listicles.