“MuggleCast” Episode 283: “Snitch Egg” Now Available!

Breaking news occurs right in the middle of this brand new episode of MuggleCast, the original Harry Potter podcast. Micah, Andrew, and Eric speculate what the latest Harry Potter and the Cursed Child information revealed may mean, just when – surprise, surprise! – a journalist on Twitter shines a guiding light. JKR is up to her usual tricks of misdirection, and your hosts tackle some of the “biggest questions never asked” and play some Make the Music Connection! All that and more on our latest episode, “Snitch Egg”!

On Episode 283, you will find discussion on:

    • News breaks at the height of speculation regarding The Cursed Child!
    • Fantastic Beasts begins filming outdoors, and we have some exciting footage to review.
    • Did we just figure out the plot of Fantastic Beasts? We have some good theories, at least.
    • J.K. Rowling reveals her favorite chapter from the Harry Potter series.
    • Pottermore removes Lavender Brown’s “death” area. What?
    • Two new J.K. Rowling books are out this week: Career of Evil and the first-ever Harry Potter Illustrated Edition!

You can find the show on iTunes, and subscribe if you haven’t already, or you can direct download the show via this link. As always, check out the MuggleCast website for all the latest news regarding the show.