Regarding Fred and George’s fireworks…

Professor Flitwick,

What was the Charm Fred and George Weasley used to create a swamp in the hallway when they made their exit? I know you kept part of it because you thought it was a great piece of Charmwork. Is it still there though, after the Battle of Hogwarts? And have you kept any of the fireworks they used? Do you happen to know the Charm for making those?

Thank you for your reply,
a Ginger Gryffindor

Dear Ginger Gryffindor,

Yes, there is still a small section of swamp roped off in the corridors of Hogwarts, though it is hardly the strangest thing you might find here. Fred and George Weasley were incredibly creative young men in their time at Hogwarts, and their portable swamps were particularly ingenious.

Their fireworks, too, were an excellent diversion, but they don’t last forever, so I’m afraid I didn’t keep any. Of course I know the Charms that were used for both the swamp and the fireworks, but I won’t be sharing them publicly. Imagine the mischief students would get up to if they didn’t have to come up with the spells themselves!

Professor Flitwick