Espresso Patronum!

Happy National Espresso Day! In honor of this most glorious not-really-a-holiday-holiday, I put together a list of drinks that could have “guarded” our favorite witches and wizards from fatigue during end-of-term exams, OWLs, and of course, NEWTs.

Espresso Patronum!




Harry loves the decadent drinks like Butterbeer and pumpkin juice of the wizarding world because the Dursleys had denied him such delicious treats. Additionally, his only adrenaline comes from flying a broom or facing mortal peril, so this boy definitely needs his caffeine. I suspect Harry would like the seasonal flavors of the coffee world: Pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha, s’mores, etc., and he probably adds in an extra shot of espresso. No doubt he would be excited about a customized butterbeer frappuccino from time to time as well!





Ron is a fan of anything edible. It is uncertain that he would even enjoy coffee at all because it isn’t food. He is quite lazy when it comes to his studies, so he would definitely need a drink with a kick. Like Harry, Ron loves his butterbeer, so he would also enjoy the butterbeer frappe. However, I suspect, because of his love of Chocolate Frogs, he would default to a mocha. With two shots of espresso. At least. He would probably clean house at the pastry counter, too.





Hermione is very serious about her studies, so she would need very little liquid encouragement to hit the books. However, with her late nights and “light reading,” she would definitely need something to keep her awake, if not motivated. I can see Hermione as a plain-jane black coffee with sugar type. Because she only uses the magical elixir to stay awake, she doesn’t need the frivolous flavorings and calories. Whatever gets the job done will do just fine!





Neville needs coffee as a form of liquid confidence, not so much for motivation. He has no trouble studying, but he needs the confidence to perform at his best. He is shy and reserved, and it would take a lot to get him out of his shell. He would probably be afraid of his friends’ favorite drinks, suspecting that he couldn’t handle as much caffeine as them. I think Neville would be interested in a simple green tea. Enough caffeine to give him confidence but not a flashy drink to attract too much attention to himself.





Luna is a Ravenclaw and infinitely curious, so her studies would not waver without caffeine, but no doubt she would be fascinated by its effects. I suspect Luna would be the most adventurous Hogwarts student when it comes to coffee products. She’d try everything – frappuccinos, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, light roast, dark roast, and anything with espresso – just to see if one drink differs in effect from the rest. She may also go a little overboard at times, with more than one caffeinated beverage per day… or hour.





Draco seems like the type who would be completely dysfunctional without his coffee, not because it makes him a better student but because it makes him feel more Draco. The baristas know him all by name and know better than to make a mistake on his regular order – or his father will surely hear about it. I imagine Draco’s order is quite particular but overall plain. Perhaps a non-fat soy latte with a double shot of espresso and steamed to exactly 180 degrees.





Ginny is a very powerful and very intelligent with. She needs a drink that packs a punch! When she decides that coffee is necessary to keep her going, I think Ginny orders a special concoction that is only intended for very experienced coffee-drinkers. There is a legendary “secret” recipe from Starbucks that is a cup of ice with four shots of espresso and just as many pumps of white chocolate syrup called “liquid cocaine.” I suspect this drink may be in Ginny’s arsenal of favorite boosts.


Fred & George



These two run on natural energy, unparalleled by all other characters. Thus, it makes sense that the twins really only drink coffee-based beverages for fun. I would think that these two would be interested in the sweet drinks – chocolate-based frappuccinos, seasonal flavors, etc. They aren’t all too concerned with their studies, but they could always use an extra shot of espresso here and there when the night calls for some hijinks.

Because the wizarding world never makes mention of coffee, this list is entirely hypothesized. I’m probably most like  Harry with his preference for seasonal flavors (and extra espresso), but I wouldn’t turn down a delicious tea or refresher, same as Neville, any day of the week! What caffeinated beverages are you drinking to celebrate National Espresso Day? Share in the comments below!