Important Set for Two “Fantastic Beasts” Main Characters Revealed!

The Pottermore Correspondent released another report from the set of Fantastic Beasts, revealing how they created New York City in jolly old England.

Speaking with those who had a hand in the creation of the authentic NYC set, the PMC hones in on set decorator Anna Pinnock, who recently won an Oscar for The Grand Budapest Hotel, which also happened to star Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort).  It must be very dangerous on the set, with all those fantastic beasts running amok, because both the PMC and Pinnock are required to wear hard hats, boots, and safety gear!

Adding to the NYC set Pinnock has created at Leavesden, the American wizarding world has the added touch of Potter graphic artists MinaLima, who have designed the art used in the new film and already have years of experience in J.K. Rowling’s universe.

What we find interesting is the movie magic we never get to see or perhaps will never recognize when we watch the films. For example, Anna shows the PMC how they make the most out of their sets:

… they’ve had to take some of those shop facades down and dress them up as a completely different building very fast when they get a last-minute change in the filming schedule.

Also revealed with the latest report from the set is the fact that Tina and Queenie share an apartment. We may get to see the interior of their 1920s abode in the film, as the PMC reveals.

Lucky for me, we made it to the interior set of Tina and Queenie Goldstein’s apartment less than an hour before it was taken down. I sat on their beds, stroked their sofa, picked up their books and looked into their mirrors.

It looks like our hopes have proven true and that we will continue to see other reports from Pottermore from the Fantastic Beasts set, including insights from production designer Stuart Craig, MinaLima, director David Yates, and producer David Heyman. Maybe next time, the PMC will take some pictures of the set to share with us!