More “Frankenstein” Movies? Daniel Radcliffe Reveals New Details!

As you may have noticed, Daniel Radcliffe is currently out promoting his film Victor Frankenstein, which is set to hit theaters later this month. It seems like Dan is keeping to an exhausting schedule, but we always love to hear more from him, so we can’t complain!

First, he stopped in at Kelly & Michael this morning, where he was sporting a super-short haircut for another upcoming project, Imperium. He takes a few minutes to talk about how excited he is about getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, his take on Igor (in this version, Victor corrects Igor’s famous hunchback early on!), and the fact that he got to do a lot of stunts for the first time since Potter on the film. You can watch the short video below:

Next, in this on-set interview with /Film, Radcliffe really delves into what it took to embody Igor.

First off, he discusses working with James McAvoy and the physicality of their roles:

[I]n my experience in doing various physical scenes with people, half of your energy that day is just spent in getting the other actor to engage physically with you. Most actors don’t do it, don’t want to hurt you, but James and I have enough confidence in each other that we’re not going to hurt each other. It’s amazing working with James on that level; he gives 100% every time. He just throws me around. I’d like to think I’ve been the most willing victim he’s ever had. Pretty much our first day, actually, was him repeatedly slamming me against a pillar; so yeah, that set the tone. I’ve enjoyed all aspects of working with him, but I think the physical side is what sets this apart.

Then the interview really launches into a deep discussion of the film – what sets it apart from other adaptations, the relationship between Igor and Victor, whether or not Igor wants to play God… all the good stuff!

On trying to be original in his interpretation of Igor, and where his Igor falls among previous portrayals of the character, Daniel said,

Other than the ones I’ve already seen, and grew up loving, like Marty Feldman [in Young Frankenstein] is one I get referenced a lot. I think this treads a really wonderful line between ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Young Frankenstein.’ There is humor in this film; it’s not a comedy by any stretch, but there is humor in it. I’ve played a few parts where there have been other people who have played them — when I did Equus, there was a film of that — I’m always worried about being influenced too much, especially this, where it is such a fresh take on Igor. I’m a terrible mimic; if I see something to hang on to, I’ll probably do that, so it’s just trying to create it myself and trying not to do bits from Marty Feldman.

Fans will also be excited to hear that there’s a chance of him reprising his role of Igor in the future, although nothing is set in stone. When asked if Victor Frankenstein will become a franchise, Radcliffe said,

I don’t know. I have no idea. If this film’s successful, maybe we can talk, but it hasn’t come out yet, and I have no idea. Originally in the script, there was a real ‘we are making a sequel’ ending, and I think both [I] and James both came in and were like, ‘Let’s not do that. Let’s concentrate on making one really good film first, and then we’ll consider it.’ So I don’t know. I’ve had a great experience, and I’ve had a fantastic time, so I would, but there are so many things that need to happen before that becomes a reality.

And of course, we always love to find the Potter connection! When asked about his relationship with director Paul McGuigan, Dan had a very interesting answer:

I was a big fan of ‘Sherlock,’ and actually, there was a bizarre connection between myself and Paul anyway because my dad was an agent; he was Paul’s agent, so he knew him for ages. And I got the job on [‘]Potter[‘] because my dad was on Paul’s film, ‘Gangster No. 1,’ which Norma Heyman produced, and she was the connection to David Heyman and ‘Potter.’ That’s how that all got linked up originally. It’s all very incestuous.

The interview is quite extensive and very interesting – you can read the full thing here!

If we know Dan, this is far from the last stop on his press tour, so keep an eye on us for all the latest news!

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