Seven Things We Hope Are Revealed in “Fantastic Beasts”

With the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie release right around the corner, speculation over what the film might contain is heating up. Before this past week we knew hardly anything, but it seems a lot of information has since been dumped on us all at once. With these little tastes of knowledge about the upcoming film, it’s only natural that we should want more. There are still so many unanswered questions! Here is a list of some of the things I personally hope to find out from the Fantastic Beasts film.


[box type=”warning” align=”aligncenter” ]Warning!!! If you have not read the plot synopsis or character descriptions that were released or wish to watch the Fantastic Beasts movie with no prior knowledge of what it contains, you may not want to read this![/box]
  1. Where do American witches and wizards get an education? J.K. has avoided spoiling this for some time, and I know I can’t be the only American who wants to know whom to complain to about never receiving an acceptance letter into this mysterious school.
  2. How is the Magical Congress of the United States of America protected from prying eyes? So we know that MACUSA is based inside the Woolworth Building in NYC. This was, at the time, the tallest building in the city. Packed with Muggles, of course. How did the magical government exist unseen among these Muggles? The English Ministry of Magic is underground and quite extensive. I know there are magical expansion spells and all, but can a whole magical government really exist with maybe one secret floor of a building dedicated to its use?
  3. Was Hufflepuff considered the lesser Hogwarts House in the 1920s? With Newt being a Hufflepuff alumnus, I would like to know more about the House’s reputation. Is the assumption of the uselessness of Hufflepuffs something that came to be over time, or was it a stereotype Newt had to prove himself against? I have always wondered how the reputation of my own Hogwarts House came to be since I see no obvious flaws in the Hufflepuff nature. Helga Hufflepuff was well respected, and there seem to be quite a few successful witches and wizards who were in Hufflepuff…
  4. Where do members of the magical community shop in NYC? London has Diagon Alley. Was there a similar community for the witches and wizards of New York? Please tell me it’s super picturesque and can be translated well into a theme park…
  5. Why New York? Of all the places for a Magizoologist to travel to, why New York? From the vague plot synopsis we got, it sounds like Newt will have to round up the animals that got out of his own briefcase, but why did he come to New York in the first place? Was he planning on studying magical pigeons in Central Park?
  6. Were there any creatures Luna was right about? If anyone could answer this question, it would be Newt Scamander, the expert on magical creatures. I would like to know if Luna was ever right in her beliefs that certain animals existed. Maybe they were illegal cross breeds that were discovered during Newt’s time and died out.
  7. Are the Second Salemers descendants of the original Salem prosecutors? The character descriptions that were released revealed to us the Second Salemers, a fanatical group dedicated to exposing and destroying witches and wizards. I want to know if this is just a name choice because of their interests or if it also means they are a group descended from those who partook in the trials the first time around? This could add an interesting layer to the story.

Amy Hogan

I was 9 years old when I discovered the magic that is “Harry Potter.” I am a proud Hufflepuff and exceedingly good at eating, reading, being sarcastic, and over-thinking small tasks. Since I spent too much time worrying about the correct way to write this bio, this is all I was able to come up with before the deadline.

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