“MuggleCast” Episode 285: “Newtcase” Now Available!

Journey into the Newtcase with us as we recap the month’s latest news on MuggleCast. The first photos and information on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them have been released! Beginning with an Entertainment Weekly feature and continuing across the web, details on next year’s film trilogy starter are coming in. Join hosts Andrew, Eric, and Micah as they review all the latest material and as always, speculate on what it may mean.

On Episode 285, you will find discussion on:

    • Thanksgiving is upon us! Does anyone want to Adele and cry?
    • The hosts of MuggleCast are considering some big and exciting changes to the show as we look forward to several more years of Harry Potter goodness from J.K. Rowling.
    • Please take a couple of minutes to take this survey so that we can gauge your interest in supporting us!
    • Universal Hollywood has announced what it’ll cost to make regular trips to Wizarding World Hollywood when it opens next year. It’s surprisingly affordable!
    • The curtain was pulled off Fantastic Beasts earlier this month, and there’s lots to discuss!
    • Newt’s suitcase is not as simple as it seems: He holds his magical beasts in it.
    • The first details were shared about the lead characters. Do any of them stand out to us?
    • Producer David Heyman is comparing Fantastic Beasts to Goblet of Fire. Hmmm.
    • What do we think of the American word for “Muggle,” “No-Maj?”
    • What are we thankful for in the world of Harry Potter?

You can find the show on iTunes, and subscribe if you haven’t already, or you can direct download the show via this link. As always, check out the MuggleCast website for all the latest news regarding the show.