Tom Felton Prepares to “Feed”

Following his recent casting in another as-yet-untitled indie film, as well as in both A United Kingdom and A Message to the King, there is more exciting news for Tom Felton fans: He has officially joined the cast of indie drama Feed.

The film will be helmed by rookie director Tommy Bertelsen and has been written by Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario, who will also star, alongside Tom and Ben Winchell (Max Steel). The synopsis suggests that the film is likely to be a very interesting role for Tom.

The story revolves around Olivia (Bellisario) and Matthew Grey (Felton), 18-year-old twins born into a world of privilege and high expectations. There are almost no boundaries between them; even their dreams are connected. As the twins prepare for their last year of school together, an unexpected tragedy splits them apart, leaving the surviving sibling to learn how to live without their other half — or test how far they are willing to go to bring them back.

The premise certainly sounds exciting, and we will look forward to further news of Tom’s new project. Feed will begin filming November 9 in Los Angeles and will be produced by Bertelsen, Bellisario, Ross Kohn, and Nancy Leopardi.

Tom Felton will next be seen on the big screen in historical drama Risen, which will hit theaters January 26, 2016.