Warwick Davis Talks “Potter”, “Star Wars”, and “Snow White”

As Warwick Davis prepares to take on the role of Prof in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Bristol Hippodrome and awaits the release of the new Star Wars, there is undoubtedly much excitement surrounding his career at present. In an interview with the Bristol Post, Davis discusses his most recent works and also heads down memory lane, remembering his role in Potter.

Davis quickly proves to his fan base that the well-rounded actor he is will continue to lead himself on to further success. He expresses a deep affection for pantomime – a family-aimed musical comedy stage production and the format of this production of Snow White – and says that he will partake in it regardless of negative media attention surrounding it as he holds fond memories about the industry.

It may sometimes get bad press, but actually pantomime is very special.

Not only is Davis showcasing his skill in the Snow White pantomime, but he will also be appearing in the new Star Wars, which comes out later this year. Having previously played a lead role in the franchise, Davis was excited to back.

When I had the call from Lucasfilm inviting me back, it was amazing. It was an honor to be back and a part of that family.

If anything, the contrast between the genres of his two latest roles shows us that Davis is not afraid to dip his feet into whichever acting pool he pleases. Having brought both Professor Flitwick and Griphook to life, Davis remembers his Potter family much like he remembers his Star Wars family.

I’ve been very lucky. Harry Potter was an honor because as actors and film makers, we are entrusted with this great literary work that people loved. We had to make sure we lived up to expectations. It’s quite a responsibility to bring these much[-]loved characters to life.

We think that Davis took on his responsibility as our favorite Charms professor and Gringotts goblin quite exceptionally!

You can see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs starting December 5, 2015, and ending January 3, 2016, at the Bristol Hippodrome. Get tickets here. Will you be going? What do you think about the contrast between Davis’ roles? We’d love to hear from you down below in the comments!