Emma Watson Launches New HeForShe Website

Since Emma Watson launched HeForShe last September, the program has become a global movement fighting for gender equality. Now, as announced on Watson’s Facebook page, HeForShe has a brand new website.

The announcement is accompanied by an interview with Emma, which highlights that HeForShe is not an awareness campaign, but is mission-focused in its goal of achieving gender equality. Watch below:

HeForShe: “Emma Watson introduces the new www.HeForShe.org, launching what we hope will become the world’s largest…

Posted by Emma Watson on Friday, January 15, 2016

In the interview, Emma says of the new website, “It’s important because we want to be the first and largest crowd-sourcing tool for solutions to gender inequality,” citing requests from those wanting to get involved but not being sure how to do it. She goes on to discuss some of campaign’s many grassroots-led successes, including a man in Zimbabwe who started a husband school for HeForShe, the annulment of over 300 child marriages by the President of Malawi, and the University of Waterloo pledging to give scholarships to girls for engineering programs.

Emma emphasizes that the people around the world committed to HeForShe are the ones with the solutions and that in response the HeForShe team has created a platform through which these ideas can spread. Features of the website include an Impact Map – which allows you to click on your country and see which issues have been voted most important to gender equality in your nation – and the ability to choose your own pronouns when registering for the site, as established by its aim to be both inclusive and empowering. She ultimately describes the new site as an online grassroots movement that’s driven by people and their involvement with it and ends with a short reminder about her new bookclub, Our Shared Shelf.

Well? What are you waiting for? Go sign up!

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