Film Review: “96 Ways to Say I Love You”, Starring David Tennant

96 Ways to Say I Love You is a romantic comedy short film that follows a number of couples sharing the story of the first time they said “I love you” and the meaning behind the phrase.

The heartwarming comedy follows Al and Olive as they prepare to say “I love you” to that important person in their life. The story is interwoven with couples Matt & Helen and Mark & Lily and Mary, who had been married to her husband for 55 years. Helen’s boisterous personality combined with Matt’s quiet and gentle one makes for a hilarious telling of the couple’s relationship. Mark, played by David Tennant, and Lily tell their story through a gentle bickering, which helps prove the love they have for each other while making the viewer smile. Mary takes on the role of the narrator throughout the film, and her thoughts on love could make even the most cynical person melt. The film ends with a surprise twist, which you’ll have to watch to see!

Writer and director Daisy Aitkens spoke on her inspiration for the film:

I want this film to be a love letter to all those people who are worried about saying [‘]I [l]ove [y]ou.[‘] Say it. Trust me. You will learn a lot more about yourself if you stride out and embrace the emotional surf that knocks you off your feet.

I highly suggest watching 96 Ways to Say I Love You for a heartwarming romantic comedy that will leave you smiling. You can watch the film below: