Pottermore Sorting and Wand Quizzes Are Back!


For those who want to reclaim their House and wand, please note that you still have to make a new account with Pottermore. After you’ve made a new account, you can enter your old username to reclaim your House and wand! Learn more on Pottermore’s FAQ page, which also details how you can recover your username if you don’t remember it!

Today, Pottermore posted on its various social media outlets to announce that the Sorting and wand selection quizzes are back!

This will come as a welcome announcement for visitors  to the site, especially for users of the old design. In addition, there is an option for old users to reclaim their House and wand by entering their old username.

The news is also a welcome announcement for those fans who didn’t take the test before the old site went away (or weren’t able to convince/force all their family and friends to take it!).

Hopefully, bringing these quizzes back also means that the long-promised Patronus quiz is also on its way to Pottermore!

If you miss the old site, you can always peruse our Pottermore Moments Revisited feature to revisit the first three books on the site!

Will you be Sorted again (or perhaps for the first time!)? Or will you reclaim your old House and wand? Let us know in the comments!