Who Wore It Better: Kingsley Shacklebolt or Prince?

Gilderoy Lockhart here, wishing you all a lovely New Year! As I write this, I am reclining in one of those heavenly lounge chairs, my feet in the sand, with the sun bronzing my skin and accentuating the natural highlights in my hair. There is no rest for the wicked, I’m afraid. Even though I’m on vacation, I must complete this month’s column for your eager consumption. Now, before I sip on this pretty, little concoction with a pink umbrella, let me introduce our pairing.


kingsley vs prince


Pictured on the left is Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt, while on the right we see the Muggle entertainer who goes by the name Prince. Yes, I agree that there is an alarming amount of purple in this photograph and an even more alarming lack of a particular shade. Why has neither man given a thought to the cousin in the purple family, lilac? I do suppose that Shacklebolt has a tiny amount of lilac on his sleeve cuff and shoulder, but it is most disappointing that these fellows show such a disregard for the shade and choose instead to sport copious amounts of a knockoff color. There are some mysteries that even I cannot solve. As much as I would like to disqualify both gentleman on account of their poor choice in shades of purple, I do need to choose a winner. I suppose I do like the jaunty placement of Shacklebolt’s little cap. You cannot deny that he’s got style. Well, until next time, my wonderful readers. Stay warm and as always, stay radiant!



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Gilderoy Lockhart

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