“MuggleCast” Episode 288: “The Eighth ‘Book'” Now Available!

It’s coming! Though, maybe not in the form that some predicted. The next chapter in Harry Potter’s story (forming the stage play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”) is being published in script form on his birthday, July 31! Join hosts Andrew and Eric, with two lovely new guest hosts, as they discuss this and more of the latest Harry Potter news.

On Episode 288, you will find discussion on:

    • With Micah out of town, we welcome two MuggleCast virgins to the show: Jeanna and Pam!
    • The Cursed Child’s script will be published as a book on July 31. Woah, this is sooner than expected.
    • What are we calling this? A BOOK? A STORY? What?
    • Two versions of The Cursed Child will be printed. Will we sweat the differences?
    • Will this book change people’s plans to see the show?
    • Midnight release parties… yes? Please say yes.
    • Other announcements: Updated Fantastic Beasts book, new editions of Philosopher’s Stone with Hogwarts House colors, and a date for the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition.
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    • Pottermore has released a new Sorting Hat quiz, but some people are getting different results this time around.
    • J.K. Rowling has unveiled four Wizarding Schools, including one in America.
    • Is the Encyclopedia doomed at this point? Andrew says yes.
    • Universal and WB’s A Celebration of Harry Potter is turned into a Comic-Con for Potter fans.
    • We take questions from our early Patreon supporters. We’ll answer more on the next episode!

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