Spells That Would’ve Improved My Day

First and foremost, I solemnly swear not to include any of the Unforgivable Curses in this list. Better to get the legal matters out of the way first.

Being confined to the Muggle world has major drawbacks that I’m sure we can all relate to. The Ministry of Magic says you can’t cast a single spell in front of Muggles because they are seriously that sensitive. Ugh. Well, I’m ready to go off on a tangent here, and instead of giving some poor Muggle a pig’s tail, I decided to vent my frustrations in this constructive way. From waking up to bedtime, here is a list of some spells that I would’ve loved to use today (and every day).

Molly Weasley’s Home Ec Extravaganza Charm
I am fully aware that this description is neither the incantation nor the name of the spell, but I think it fits rather well. From cooking breakfast to knitting scarves and monogram sweaters and doing dishes, Molly’s home works for her. I barely have time to make myself oatmeal, so forget about a full spread for eight or more! This spell would never get old for me. And I would have a monogram sweater party every Friday night.




Muggle traffic is the worst. I live less than 30 minutes away from my Muggle job and still get held up in my commute. If I could simply Apparate to and from work, part of my daily stress would melt away. I would also love to fly on a broomstick, but I do think that would be a bit more conspicuous to Muggle eyes. At least randomly appearing out of nowhere can be explained away, “Why, I got here ten minutes ago, but your nose was buried in work!”



Mending Charm
I can’t count how many favorite necklaces or sunglasses or random household items I’ve paid to replace even in the past week. Mending Charms would be just the trick to saving hundreds of Muggle dollars a year. Added bonus: I could actually throw that monogram sweater party and not worry about any consequences. Broken lamp? Reparo. Destroyed furniture? Reparo. Almost accidentally burned the house down? Reparo.



Extension Charm
Muggle life would be much more convenient if everything simply fit where I want it to. From my closet to my purse, it would be incredibly helpful to use Extension Charm for all of my stuff. I could create a walk-in closet out of a cupboard under the stairs OR actually fit everything for a four-day trip in a carry-on (anyone who has traveled with me in the Muggle world knows that this is not a thing).



Metamorphmagus Charms
I am far too attached to my natural hair color of blonde to try something new in the Muggle way. But if I were able to use Metamorphmagus spells like Crinus Muto, I would be brunette one minute and redheaded the next! I’d also love to use Multicorfors to change the color of my outfit. My appearance would change faster than a runway model’s, and I would LOVE it.



Confundus Charm
I literally have no valid explanation for the desired use of this charm other than to mess with Muggles. There. I said it.



Summoning Charm
After getting home from a long day with Muggles, sometimes I sit down on the sofa and just don’t want to move. It would be absolutely delightful if everything I needed could come to me. “Accio!” Boom. Cheese and sausage platter, wine, cozy blanket, and of course, a Harry Potter book. Throw an “Incendio!” at the fireplace, and we’re golden.



The Muggle struggle is real. These are just a few of my favorite spells that would help on a day-to-day basis. There are potions, creatures, and magical objects that would have improved my day as well, but I’ll save those for my next venting session.

What spell would’ve gotten you through your Muggle day? Keep it legal, folks! (I’m looking at you, Death Eaters.)