Raising Thestrals

Dear Professor Hagrid.

I am thinking of buying/training a Thestral and I was wondering if you could give me some tips. Also, I was wondering if there were any ways of hiding Thestrals from people who have seen death and can see them.

A Gryffindor animal enthusiast

Dear Gryffindor Animal Enthusiast,

First, I’m glad t’ see yer not one o’ those who believe th’ rumours about Thestrals bein’ a bad omen. Pure codswallop.

However, I would caution ya about tryin’ ter own one. Only a very experienced wizard or witch should ever handle these creatures, and th’ Ministry considers ’em highly dangerous, an’ requires permission before ya can breed or own one. If yer thinkin’ o’ gettin’ one ’cause ya wanna use ‘im as transportation – ya better quash it! It’s illegal per th’ Ministry an’ yer better off gettin’ yerself a broom.

That bein’ said, Thestrals enjoy lots of dark spaces, like forests an’ caves. They’re dead useful an’ extremely loyal, once ye’ve established a connection. They hunt for their prey on both ground an’ in th’ sky, so ye need a sorta isolated area fer them to thrive. If ya make sure to provide ’em with enough food (they’re carnivores), then they shouldnae attack any of yer other creatures.

Ya can definitely keep a Thestral under wraps with a spell, but I’m not sure I should tell ya how. Although, perhaps it’s better I provide the spell so as to avoid breakin’ th’ International Statute of Secrecy. Try a Disillusionment Charm, that ought t’ do th’ trick!

Hope I was helpful!