The Marauders as Hogwarts House Representations

The Marauders are a fascinating piece of the Harry Potter story. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter set the tone for the entire series in many ways. These characters provide us with interesting insight into the development of the story, as well as the wizarding world as a whole. When you take a look at these four Gryffindor students, you may actually find that each one of them represents one of the four Hogwarts Houses.


James Potter: Hufflepuff


While James certainly fits the bill of Gryffindor with his bravery, competitive nature, and chivalry, he also possesses some key values of Hufflepuff. He is tolerant when others are not and unfailingly loyal to his friend Remus, despite his condition. Though he and his companions give Severus Snape torment, he is kind enough to save Severus’s life when his friend Sirius placed him in mortal danger.


Remus Lupin: Ravenclaw

Remus is arguably the most intelligent of the group of Marauders. He is the only boy who served as a prefect for Gryffindor, and he went on to become a Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. He also became a wealth of wisdom and guidance for Harry, teaching him advanced magic that Harry then passed on to his peers. Because of his werewolf condition, he had to use creative means to adapt himself to everyday life.


Sirius Black: Gryffindor


Sirius is Gryffindor to the core. He is rebellious and headstrong and chooses to live recklessly, even when his friends have grown into responsible adults. He is brave, brash, and unafraid of confrontation. Sirius rarely thinks before he acts and tends to get into a lot of trouble.


Peter Pettigrew: Slytherin


Peter Pettigrew used his cunning against his best friends. When he was backed into a corner, he chose to preserve himself by ratting out his friends, although he knew they would perish because of it. He chose to hide as his Animagus form for 12 years rather than face the consequences of his actions and worked hard to become Lord Voldemort’s trusted associate.


Each of these characters were Sorted into the same House, but it is obvious that they are also meant to represent attributes of all four Houses. Perhaps they are supposed to show us how people change and grow. Maybe they are an example of how the Sorting Hat doesn’t determine who you are, or that it can “mis-Sort” people. Either way, they are prime examples of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin.